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3+1 Reasons to Buy Power-Up Podcasting Course by Pat Flynn [Super Bonus]

You want to start a podcast, and you want to learn from the best. So you've been looking around for podcasting courses. You heard about Pat Flynn's Power-Up Podcasting, and you want to know more about it before you buy. If we are on the same page so far, you need to read this. Because in this blog post, I will be doing an exhaustive review of the Power-Up Podcasting 2.0 course (upgraded version).

Let me walk you through the course, and finally, give you my review towards the end. If you're looking for a coupon code for this course, please scroll all the way down.

What is Power-Up Podcasting?

power-up podcasting

Pat Flynn, the creator of the Smart Passive Income Podcast created the PowerUp Podcasting course in 2017 and later upgraded the course to version 2.0. In his own words, the course helps you "launch a successful podcast that gets found and grows your online brand."

So, if you're someone that's creating or growing a brand online, this course is for you. You could be creating a personal brand with a blog, or maybe you are an established business owner. This course covers everything you need to get started with podcasting.

Highlights of the Power-Up Podcasting Course

  • Bonus lessons on monetizing your podcast and growing an audience
  • Weekly office hours with Pat Flynn inside SPI Academy
  • You can get help from the private student community inside SPI Academy.
  • Learn the tools and techniques needed to produce a podcast.
  • You will develop a strong understanding of the value and power of podcasting.
  • Get feedback on your podcast logo or website.
  • Get insider tips on how to create podcasts and get it right the first time.
  • Gain an understanding of the ins and outs of producing a podcast.
  • Get feedback on your podcast logo from other podcasters.
  • Learn how to edit your podcast.
  • Step-by-step instruction with demonstrations, exercises, and practice sessions.

Let's take a deeper look at the modules and what you'll learn in each of the modules.

Inside PowerUp Podcasting

The course consists of 8 modules where Pat teaches you how to start your podcast from scratch. And then you get two bonus modules where you'll learn about growing your podcast audience and a podcast recording checklist. Let's take a look at each module in detail. 

1. You and Your Future Podcast

In this module, Pat teaches you how to get started with the foundations of your podcast. You'll learn about picking the right podcast equipment, defining and outlining your show, and creating your podcast artwork, voiceovers, and royalty-free music.

2. Planning Your Podcast Episodes

The second module is all about planning. In this, you'll learn how to create your show's introduction, what to include in your first episode, what to talk about, invite guests, schedule interviews, and how to create effective calls to action for your episodes.

3. Recording and Editing Your Show

Module three is all about getting ready to record. In this module, you'll learn to hook up your equipment, set up your recording software, the logistics of remote and in-person interviews (including recording and interviewing tips), and how to put together your show.

4. Preparing Your Audio File

In module four, you'll learn how to take your recordings and prepare to share them with the world. You'll learn how to export your first episode, create titles for your episodes, find the right podcast hosting provider, upload your first episode, understand your podcast RSS feed, set up your Apple Podcasts account, and finally set up your website, show notes, and transcriptions.

5. The Launch Plan

Module five is all about the launch! You'll learn to create your podcast launch plan, and how to make your launch an event. I used this technique from Pat's course for my first podcast -- helped the show get over a quarter-million downloads in less than a year.

Tip: Use the launch event technique multiple times during the first year!

6. Launch Week

In this module you'll learn to submit your podcast feed to podcast directories, get your stories approved in Apple Podcasts, and what to do on the day before your launch.

7. After Launch

This is the sixth module where Pat teaches you how to systematically publish your future podcast episodes. You'll learn what stats to look for, what they mean, how to get podcast reviews, get exposure in directories, how to be consistent and grow your show, and how to use an email list with your podcast.

8. Podcast Monetization

One of the biggest questions on my mind, when I started my podcast, was "how do I monetize my podcast?" If that's on your mind too, this module is what you should look out for.

In this module, you'll learn about podcast monetization. You'll learn how to get advertisers and sponsors for your show, how to sell your own stuff on your podcast, leverage affiliate marketing to make some passive income, and finally, how to use Patreon to monetize your podcast.

9. Bonus: Grow Your Podcast Audience

This bonus module is alone worth every penny you pay for this course! Pat's lessons work, especially what you learn in this module. I used them to grow my first podcast to over a million downloads.

Pat's specialty is to build fans. In this bonus module, he teaches a few of his most treasured techniques to help you build your fanbase too.

10. Bonus: Podcast Recording Checklist

In this bonus module, Pat shares five tips for a perfect podcast interview recording. It's a bonus, and it's definitely worth it! Because a bad recording can be expensive because it takes a lot of time and effort to get one done. If you've done this before, you know what I'm saying!

Two Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people ask me about Pat's Power-Up Podcasting course.

1. Does Power-Up Podcasting Have A Coupon Code or Promo Code?

No. Pat does not make coupon codes available for his podcasting courses. And I understand why you ask. The course is not a cheap one. But as a long-time student of Pat, I can't tell you how good this course is. It's really good.

Claim the Super Bonus!

If you decide to invest in Pat's Power Up Podcasting course, I want to offer you something extra! For every valid purchase using this link, you will get bonus complimentary access to my Voice Training for Podcasters as a bonus. In the training, I teach you a few exercises (physical and voice) and a secret recipe I use, so your voice will always sound deep, crisp, and effortless.

How to Claim Your Bonus?

When you purchase Power-Up Podcasting using this link, please send an email with a copy of the invoice to support at with "PUPDYT" in the subject line.

The bottom line to your question - please stop looking for a promo code or coupon code. Use my link and I'll send you a bonus with gratitude.

Affiliate Disclaimer: There's absolutely no obligation to use this link. Please do only if you have decided to invest in Pat's Power-Up Podcasting course. I am an affiliate for this course, and I do get a commission when you make the purchase using this link. By using the link you'll help me create more useful content (like this one) for you.

2. Power-Up Podcasting vs Amp'd Up Podcasting vs Others?

I have written in detail about all the podcasting courses I have tried. Some of them go deep into editing and production, sound, and so forth. But if you are an entrepreneur or a personal brand, Pat Flynn is your man. So that narrows down the choice to two podcasting courses - Power-Up Podcasting and Amp'd Up Podcasting. Here's how you pick one of these two:

  1. If you don't have a podcast, you should signup for Power-Up Podcasting
  2. But if you have a podcast, and want to learn podcast marketing and monetization in-depth, you should sign up for Amp'd Up Podcasting
Related Post

I had earlier written another post reviewing seven podcasting courses. In that I review Power-Up Podcasting along with courses from John Lee Dumas, Mike Russel of Music Radio Creative, and a few others.

My Power Up Podcasting Review

By now it's pretty clear that I am a big fan of this course. But I want to step back and tell you why. When I was looking for podcasting courses in 2016, I found none. Pat Flynn had a bunch of free videos on his YouTube channel. That's what I used to start my podcast. In just six months, he launched Power up podcasting and just the bonuses changed the trajectory of my podcast.

Everything Pat teaches in this course is exactly what he does on the Smart Passive Income podcast.

In fact, you can skip signing up and choose to consume all the episodes related to podcasting on the Smart Passive Income podcast. It's a free podcast, and that approach will definitely work. You don't need to search for a promo code or coupon code. But Pat makes it easy for you to learn with his short and crisp videos.

3+1 Reasons Why You Should Buy

Here are my personal favorites inside Power-Up Podcasting:

1. Monetization and Audience Growth

In fact, the modules on monetization and audience growth are worth way more than the price of this course. Like I said at the beginning of this review, Pat created inside Power Up Podcasting for people who are creating or growing a brand. And that's why he teaches monetization and audience growth too.

2. Weekly office hours with Pat Flynn

pat flynn office hours

Weekly LIVE Office Hours You Get To Attend Every Week!

I'm a big fan of Pat for a reason - I saw him rise from someone like you and me to the celebrated entrepreneur he is today. Yet, he is available to answer your questions every single week - LIVE. I have never seen any other entrepreneur or celebrity do this!

You can ask any question related to podcasting or business, and Pat answers them for you. Did I say this is lifetime access? You don't have to pay one penny more...ever!

3. Access to Private Student Community

spi academy

One of the best parts of Power-Up Podcasting is the student community. I found my first mastermind group inside this very community. It's this mastermind group that helped me sell my online courses and so much more. And yes, this access is for a lifetime too!

4. Super Bonus: My Voice Training for Podcasters

The super bonus is my Voice Training for Podcasters training. All you'll need to do to get this super bonus is to use this link to signup for PowerUp Podcasting. Once you do, please don't forget to write to support at to claim complimentary access to the training.

Verdict: Should You Buy Power-Up Podcasting Course?

Yes. 100% you should.

If you found this review helpful, please do share this on social media. And if you have specific questions about the Power-Up Podcasting course or even Amp'd Up Podcasting course, please do write to us at support at We'll certainly update this article with the answers to your questions.

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