In this Focus Forty episode, I speak with Indi Young, a freelance problem space researcher and empathy consultant, to talk about Mental Models and her success. She was co-founder of the UX agency Adaptive Path.

Who is Indi Young?

Indi Young is a freelance problem-space researcher and empathy consultant in the technology world. She helps organizations understand the people they support as humans, not just as “users.” She was co-founder of the UX agency Adaptive Path. Indi has authored two books, Mental Models and Practical Empathy, writes on Medium, and has a newsletter. She also teaches remote and in-person workshops and hosts learning and community on her website.

What you will learn – Problem space research and more!

  1. What are Mental Models and Problem space Research?
  2. Differences and similarities between User Story Maps and Mental Models
  3. The one thing that has made Indi successful as a product maker
  4. How does Indi manage to stay productive as a product person?
  5. Staying creative while being productive – How does Indi manage this balance?

To be continued in the next episode…

Useful Links

  • Indi Young on the interweb
  • Books
    • Design for Real Life by Sara Watcher-Boettcher and Eric Myer (click here to buy on Amazon)
    • Practical Empathy by Indi Young (click here to buy on Amazon)
    • Mental Models by Indi Young (click here to buy on Amazon)

Getting Started & Resources

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