Learn to make the Best Gut Decisions for your product in 21 Days

Making products is about making decisions.

We spoke to more than 100 entrepreneurs, product managers and designers to ask what are the biggest challenges they face. The top 3 answers were:

  • 1
    Conducting proper market research
  • 2
    Preparing roadmaps / Deciding features
  • 3
    Getting budget / capital for newer ideas

At a deeper level, all of the above is about decision making. Is my product positioned right? Should I spend more on engineering or marketing or sales? Who are my true competitors? What should I build next?

It's not just about making decisions that makes an entrepreneur or product manager or designer good. It's also about making the 'right' decisions. But what are 'right' decisions?

You can't make the 'right' decision. You can make the 'best' decision, though.

But how do you know that the decisions you make are the best ones? And, what exactly do we mean by best decisions?

The Product Instincts Challenge will show you how you can make decisions and more importantly make the best decisions consistently.

In 21 days, you will learn exactly how the most successful entrepreneurs, product managers and other product leaders make decisions. More importantly, you will apply it. You will make decisions for your product / idea / business in 21 days.

What You'll Get When You Start Today:

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    Learn How to Gain Deep Insight About Any Product or Service.
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    Apply The Learnings on Your Product or Service and Get Results.
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    Get to Learn a Tried and Tested Thinking Model that Works. No B.S.

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