Product Manager Summit with Product Experts

Product Manager Summit with Aero Wong

In this special episode I sit with Aero Wong, a “newbie product manager”, as he calls himself, who is organizing a virtual summit for Product Managers – the Product Manager Summit. I talk to him about the reason he created this event and the why product managers should tune into this event.

What will you learn?

In this episode I speak to Aero Wong, the organizer of the Product Manager Summit to understand why he did this event and what’s in it for my listeners. The Product Manager Summit is a 5-day, 30-speaker event that runs from the 18-22 December. It’s been my privilege to be invited to be a part of it and in the company of many other expert product managers, executives, entrepreneurs and designers. The summit is divided into 6 modules –

  1. Product Manager Essentials
  2. Problem Space Exploration
  3. Agile Product Development
  4. Lean UX
  5. Product Marketing Skills
  6. Product Management Toolbox

I spoke on a topic that’s close to my heart – Navigating the Problem Space and the Solution Space. I hope you get to listen to me and 29 other experts who’ve been on the summit. The Product Manager Summit also has a VIP Pass that you could purchase for a small cost and get access to these videos for a lifetime. I hope you get to listen to these speakers and more importantly I hope you take action!

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