product startupIn this first Ground Zero episode, I speak with Saravanakumar CP, co-founder and Business Development Lead at LogBase, a product startup, to talk about how they are actively building a SaaS product, SlickPOS, for less than $4500.

Who is Saravana?

Saravanakumar CP is the co-founder and business development lead at LogBase, a SaaS product startup. He and his team is working on building a cloud-based Point of Sale product called SlickPOS that focuses on improving sales for retail stores.

What you will learn – Early stage lessons at a product startup and more!

In this episode, Saravana talks about the early stage lessons learnt while creating the MVP of SlickPOS, lessons learnt and how they look at product-market fit. He also discusses how he, as the CEO, sees success personally and for the product startup he co-founded with Abishek. (Related Read: Getting To Why)

  1. Can you give our listeners a whirlwind tour of what you do at Logbase?
    • What were you doing before Logbase happened?
  2. How did Logbase come to life? What have been the most significant points in building SlickPOS from scratch?
    • It’s now 6 months – how do you describe the current state of your product?
  3. How do you measure success for yourself? How do you look at it from the standpoint of your product and business?
  4. Let’s talk about the MVP stage – your co-founder Abishek described it as a 2 month period in his blog. What were the biggest risks you were looking to unblock in that 2 month period?
  5. Have you been able to crack the product-market fit? How did you go about doing it?

Continued in Episode 115.

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