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You’ll be shocked to know that almost 60% of the process of writing a sales letter has got nothing to do with writing.

Yet, most entrepreneurs and creators spend countless hours trying to download templates and formulas on the internet. They download swipe files from the best copywriters. And after spending days trying to write a sales page, the result is a distant cousin of the downloaded swipe file.

Templates create Frankenstein copies.

Your copy bears a striking resemblance to something else—the copy you swiped. Using templates is like reusing the skeleton, muscles, and everything else. Your online course or membership is not the same as someone else’s. You created it for a reason. Your offer is supposed to deliver exceptional results.

The fact remains that when you steal templates or swipe files, you create Frankenstein copies.

Will they work? Maybe.

Can they sell your course or membership? Maybe.

It worked for me.

When I decided to sell my first online course, I did precisely that—I used a template. Did I sell my course? Oh yeah, that’s how I made my first $1000 bucks online. But after using the sales page for a couple of launches, I felt rather dumb.

As any entrepreneur worth their salt would want, I wanted to make my next launch better. But without knowing much about the mechanics of the template, I didn’t know what changes to make. 

I struggled to figure out where to start. Should I add a few more sentences to the copy?

Or should I increase the price? Is my offer any good?

Is my copy persuasive enough? Will the changes generate more sales?

My head was buzzing with questions.

I felt like a headless chicken.

So I downloaded more templates. I went to forums on Reddit. I even considered hiring someone on Upwork or Fiverr. Thankfully a good friend warned me against it.

So I bought some copywriting books. I learned some new ideas and a few more templates and formulas.

After making some changes based on these insights (sprinkled with some educated guesses), it all started to go downhill. And after a couple of months, I felt stuck.

I hit a dead end.

It felt like a futile exercise without much knowledge—a colossal waste of time.

But you know this—we entrepreneurs never quit.

This time, I decided to invest time to study the works of the world’s greatest copywriters. I analyzed their work. I bought their books. I dove deep into everything I could find about them on the internet. The internet archives are brimming with priceless masterpieces. And what I learned changed the way I looked at writing sales copies forever.

What were the biggest learnings, you ask?

“First, our job is to uncover hidden secrets like a street-smart Marketing Detective.”

As entrepreneurs, we wear two very different hats—creator and marketer.

While creating a course or membership, we focus on the product—like features and experience. But as we start to write the sales copy, we need to become marketing detectives—we need to dig for more details.

“And then, we build bridges.”

Customers don’t care about the features or the other details. Their eyes and brains are constantly scanning for one frequency–WII.FM or What’s In It For Me?

So it’s our job to build bridges between the product and our customers’ needs, desires, fears, and concerns. And we do this through copy.

“Lastly, sales pages are not mere sales instruments.”

Writing a sales page is not just a writing activity. It’s a complete system.

This system can help you build better products, create better offers, and generate more significant outcomes for your customers when used right. The system allows you to observe, think, and communicate effectively and efficiently.


The Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass

It’s not just a copywriting course but the only Copy-Crafting System— that teaches you how to observe, think, and write compelling copy efficiently.

When you signup for the Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass, you will not just write effective copies. You will build better products—online courses, memberships, name it. But that’s just scratching the surface. This masterclass gets down to the brass tacks to help you do one thing well—sell.

You’ll Learn What To Sell.

No, we are not talking about your product or service. You know that. But what inside or about your product or service is sales-worthy? When you highlight the wrong feature, you risk losing a sale. In this masterclass, you’ll learn where to focus the spotlights.

Learn to Create Irresistible Offers.

Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass

Lowering the price or adding more bonuses are the key to creating irresistible offers–right?


There’s more to creating irresistible offers than dropping prices or adding bonuses. In this masterclass, you’ll learn the principles of irresistibility that are based on insights from human behavioral psychology.

How to Get And Use Testimonials Effectively

You got a great product, and you got customers raving about them too. How do you get them to record testimonials that persuade readers? What are the right places to display a testimonial? What kind of testimonials should you showcase on your sales page?

In this masterclass, you’ll learn the exact process of getting and displaying testimonials that will get readers to click the ‘buy’ button without batting an eyelid.

Reverse Risk

No matter it’s your very first sale or the 100th—the customers’ brains are always looking for red flags. If they don’t see any red flags, their brains raise one—what’s the catch?

In this masterclass, you’ll learn ways to reverse risk so that your customers will happily scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click—the BUY button!

Write Engaging Copy!

Writing is a crucial topic inside this masterclass. You’ll learn how to develop some of the essential pillars of a good sales page, including (not limited to) hooks, headlines, sub-heads, bullets, buttons, and everything else.

Good sales copywriting is not about being creative but being simple. You’ll learn how to write copy that’s simple yet effective.

Karthik, thanks for everything that you've done for me. Your entire copywriting process is AMAZING. Karthik actually helped me go step by step taught me the entire process to effective copywriting and how to create an effective sales page. He actually did it for me he created the entire sales page with its own copy and did it professionally but along the way was most importantly taught me how to do it so I can present that offer and get people to join my membership. And it's already working! All thanks to Karthik! Thank you! This process has been amazing. Your coaching, your consulting, your teaching. I couldn't have done it without you and I can't thank you enough. I highly, highly recommend the Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass series of offerings from Karthik. His approach to writing sales pages WORKS!

Jake Lang

8x Serial Entrepreneur

Founder, The Entrepreneur Ride Along

You'll Also Learn

  • How to Create a Target Buyer Profile of Your Ideal Customer?
  • How to interview your existing customers to 10x the effectiveness of your sales page?
  • How to use science and psychology to pack insane value into your offers?
  • How to create fatally irresistible offers for your customers?
  • How to write attention-grabbing headlines that suck-in eyeballs?
  • How to keep readers’ attention from beginning to end of a sales letter?
  • How to identify and write compelling headlines and bullets for your sales letter?
  • How to dig your offer for marketable gems?
  • How to avoid staring at a blank page and outline your sales letter specifically for your offer and target buyer?
  • Write high-converting sales pages for your online courses.
  • Understand the art and science behind sales pages.
  • Write high-converting sales pages yourself without having to blindly trust an AI tool or spend a ridiculous amount of money on an expensive copywriter.
  • How to build better products and offerings.
  • Get deeper insights about your customers, products, or offers.
  • Know and see your business/product/service from the eyes of your customers.
  • How to reverse-engineer your competitors' sales pages to unlock priceless insights?
  • How to study adjacent markets to create irresistible offers?
  • Get ideas for new partnerships.
  • Identify and attempt newer pricing models. 
  • Niche down or change your niche to increase profitability.
  • How to identify and create bonuses that make people buy?
  • Learn to understand the science and art of persuasion and irresistibility.
  • How to get testimonials that strategically improve your sales page conversions?

What You'll NOT Learn

1. Not A Writing Masterclass

Isn’t writing sales pages a form of writing too? Yes, but it’s a lot more than just writing. In this masterclass, you’ll learn the art and science of writing sales pages. You’ll learn to write words that can help you sell your products or services. As it’s popularly said, sales letters are salesmen in print.

2. You Won’t Learn Web Page Design

However, the design and layout of the web page are equally important as the copy itself. So inside the masterclass, you’ll find suggestions on picking font sizes, colors, and the use of images.

3. Doesn’t Cover Funnel Design

Funnels and sales pages do get mentioned together when talking about copy. But funnel design is more than the sales copy itself. A sales copy does consider the funnel’s design, including the offer and pricing. But this masterclass does not cover the creation of funnels themselves.

Why Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass?

This Masterclass is not about using easy-to-use templates. Instead, you’ll learn the exact steps to write a sales page, starting with a clean slate. You will know what to do, what to avoid, what to focus on at every step along the way.

When you buy the premium version of the masterclass, you will get a few priceless bonuses. Two of my personal checklists and templates as bonuses. These bonuses will expedite your implementation time, significantly improve your sales copy quality (and save you from reinventing the wheel).

We designed this masterclass with entrepreneurs like you in mind. We know, based on experience, that complete this masterclass, you will be able to write a sales page in as early as three days.

A lot depends on how much time and effort you put in and your learning and implementation style.

What's Inside?


In this module, you'll learn the most important part of this masterclass - its origins. In short and crisp videos, you'll learn the foundations of great copy, and the one secret that separates the good from the great. You'll get an overview of what you'll learn in the masterclass, and how you can eventually use this to write your copy.

Target Buyer Profiling

The best pieces of copy focus on one target buyer. In this module you'll learn how to identify and profile your target buyer. You'll learn why nailing your target buyer profile is crucial, and how it will impact your copy.

In the short and easy-to-consume videos, you'll learn through examples and case studies, what a good target buyer profile can do to a sales copy.

By the time you complete this module, you'll have defined your target buyer profile, understand why you need it, and how the target buyer profile will be used in the modules to follow.

Preparing the Base

Great sales copies don't sell. In this module, you'll learn a pillar element of great sales copy--the Power of One. Without this pillar element, any sales copy will fail.

You'll learn through examples, how the biggest of companies that failed to follow the Power of One lost millions of dollars. And you'll also learn how using the Power of One can turn your sales copy to a conversion machine.

By the end of this module, you'll learn how to implement the Power of One in your sales copy.

Writing The Sales Page

Writing a sales page is not about creative writing, but effective writing. In this module, you'll learn how to effectively (and efficiently) write a sales page.

You'll learn to use the process and tools to grab and keep readers' attention, effectively communicate your message, and move readers to take action.

You'll see a number of examples where you can observe the learnings. This module also contains activities you can perform to effectively write the first draft of your sales page.

Supercharge Your Sales Page

People don't take action unless they are asked to. This module is all about action. In other words, in this module you'll learn how to get your readers to take action.

You'll pick the thread from where you left in the previous module--your first draft. In short step-by-step videos, you'll learn how to polish your first draft. You'll then take a reasonably-decent second draft and supercharge your copy with persuasion and irresistibility.

The Final Draft

Your sales page is not ready until you write your final draft. In this module you'll learn to prepare your sales page for the Launch Day.

Through short, step-by-step videos, you'll learn how to identify and remove speed-bumps, pot-holes, and sand-pits in your copy.

A sales page is a living document that never is complete. After every sale, you revisit your sales copy to see how it's performed. In this module, you'll also learn how to identify parts of your sales page for A/B testing.

Dan Bennett The Antipreneur-close

"If you care about your clients, you should care about your sales page. What Karthik offers is not just a blueprint or a checklist--he shows how things work and how it will work for your business!"

The first thing I want to say is that as an entrepreneur, you're always worried about how you're communicating. And kind of the scary thing about a sales page is you're not there to communicate in person. So you really want to be thinking about what it is that you're saying and how it's affecting the viewer, the visitor, if you will.

Going through the Sales Page Kickstarter checklist inside the Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass was fantastic. Because most the time people can point out problems, they can say what's wrong, but there's not a solution that follows or you could get a blueprint from the internet for free. And then you look at a checklist and go how in the world do I even implement this!

Being able to go through my page with Karthik point by point--it wasn't just a blueprint or a checklist--it was how things work, and then how the elements of my business could fit into a flow. That just creates better results for me. And I like that a lot because I've had my sales pages and things I've built looked at many times by many people who are like, "yeah, this should be better", but they never told me how to make it better.

And I feel like now after going through this checklist of my sales page with Karthik that I have clarity, and I'm actually super eager to fix some of the problems that are there and to make the page that much better. because in real life, I care about my clients and I know how I can help them. And now in this digital version, I know that I can mirror how I operate in real life and offer a solution that changes lives to my clients, right here on a sales page.

So definitely would recommend going through this process and really looking inward at yourself and and your offer at yourself and and your offer. Because if you care about your clients, you should care about your sales page.

Dan Bennett ‧ Founder, 1MinuteMedia

Special Premium Bonuses


Bonus 1: “10X Better Implementation”

"Triple-Filter-Copy System" - A Checklist for a Killer Sales Page [Video Guide] worth $227

You’ve written your sales page—is it ready for sales? Use the three-part, 40-Point Sales Triggers to help you turn your sales page into a high-converting, persuasion powerhouse. This video training comes with a checklist that you can use every time you write (or review) a sales page. 

The checklist contains three parts — the pivotal checklist, the presentation checklist, and the persuasion checklist. The Pivotal Checklist contains twenty triggers that will help you seal your sales copy from any leaks, so readers keep reading your copy all the way to the end. 

The Presentation Checklist is the level-two checklist that will help you turn your sales page into one that looks and reads well. This checklist contains fifteen triggers and focuses more on the structure and design of your sales page. 

And finally, you have the Persuasion Checklist. The goal of this checklist is to make sure your sales copy gets the clicks and sales.


Bonus 2: “10X Faster Implementation”

"Copy Blocks" - Ready-to-use sales letter structures worth $97

While this masterclass will help you write your sales page without dependency on templates, we understand that your time is a premium. That’s why we included Copy Blocks. Are these templates too? Sort of. But they aren’t pre-filled templates.

A sales page contains various sections. These include sections for problems, solutions, your product, testimonials, etc. It’s up to you to pick these sections and their flow so you can drive home the point you want to make. But thankfully, you’re not alone—every sales page has this challenge, and you can draw inspiration from them.

Copy Blocks are blocks from good, high-converting sales pages that have some sections included in them. You can use them, so you don’t get stuck while writing.


Bonus 3: “Limited Time”

Membership Sales Page Case Study [Video] worth $597

You learned to write a sales page. But you also know that real-life implementation is different from classroom learning. That’s why you get access to this unique case study.

In this case study video, you’ll learn how I created a sales page from scratch for a membership program launch. In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What I do before I write a single word for the sales page.
  • How I extract valuable insights for the sales page from interviewing the client (and from his past client testimonials). 
  • How I pick the hook, headline, the opening idea for the sales page.
  • Learn how the final sales page looks and what to do if you need to optimize the page.


Bonus 4: “Founder Student Only”

45-Minute Sales Page Review Call worth $197

Exactly 30 days from when you purchase this masterclass, you can book a 45-minute Sales Page Review Call with me. During this call, I will review your sales page, identify any red flags, discuss and share steps to mitigate or answer any questions or concerns.

But there’s a lot we can do in 45 minutes. While you can use this time with me to review your sales page, you can use it if you’d like my help with something else, too—check your offer, pricing, positioning. It’s your decision—I’m yours.

Trudy Rankin Segmentation Quizzes

"Karthik's Sales Page review process blew my mind!"

I was in a situation where I had just finished running a really big program for the Australian Federal Government, where I was teaching people how to start an online business. And when that program finished, I was moving into a situation where I was actually setting up the program to run without the government funding and I needed to change the way I talk about the product, my services and things and I put together a sales page and I sat there waiting for all of the conversions to roll through and they weren't coming through.

I was getting more and more and more frustrated and confused because the marketing that we did when we were running the program for the government worked really, really well it worked super well. What I didn't realize is that with the change to a different audience, and a different way of providing the service, we needed to change our copy and how we were presenting it. And so I had got to the stage where I was just ripping out my hair because I didn't know what to do. We were getting a few clicks through the conversions were invisible, and something had to happen, but I just didn't know what I was just lost trying to figure out what to do. And that's when I took Karthik's help.

I went through this process with Karthik and it was just starting to blow my mind because even though there's a number of things that we talked about, there was sort of four areas that really jumped out at me and I'm going any one of those four things is actually what's stopping things. So now I know that if I go back and fix things, I will be able to sort out my sales page. I can tell now, people are coming to the page, they're leaving confused, and they're not clicking and they're not buying.

So now, the really, really valuable thing about this is that I can take these things that I found out through going through this sales copy review with Karthik. Now I can go through and set up a checklist for myself and I can go yep, fix that. And I'll be able to do that and I will be doing that over the next little while. What a difference it's made so thank you, Karthik, so much I just appreciate it so much.

Trudy Rankin ‧ Founder, Online Business Lift-off



Our "High Five" Guarantee

Everything we create and teach is done in the best interest of our students. But we understand that sometimes things don’t work. Suppose you feel like this product isn’t for you at any time, no worries. You got a whole thirty days. If for some reason you decide not to use this course because you don’t like it (or something else), you can write to us asking for a full refund. And we’ll refund every penny—and a high five. No questions asked.

You Got Questions?

Will this masterclass help me pick the right technology platform to host my sales pages?

No. However, in this masterclass, you will find recommendations for a handful of platforms we've used.

Will this masterclass also teach how to write video sales letters?

No. Video Sales Letters or VSLs are very different from sales pages, and that's why we don't mix the two in this masterclass.

When will I get access to the masterclass?

As soon as you key in your credit card details and make the payment, you'll receive an email with a link to access the masterclass.

Will I get access to the instructor? 

No. This masterclass is designed as a do-it-yourself (DIY) video-based online course.

What is the format of instruction inside this masterclass?

This is a video masterclass. The default format of instruction is videos. In some cases you'll find accompanying downloadable files to help you easily implement the lessons.

The masterclass is priced less. Is there a catch?

No catch. No traps. What you see is the pre-launch price. And yes, the prices will go up. But that’s not the point. We are offering it at this price to let more students experience the masterclass and see success. Your success is our only yardstick. 

Are there limited seats? 

Yes, seats are limited. That’s because we’d like to see you get results. We reach out to all our students after 30 days to understand your experience and get any feedback. And most feedback typically will find its way back into the product itself.

Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass

Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass



Masterclass videos

Masterclass slides (PDF)

Exclusive Bonuses

Triple-Filter-Copy System Video Guide (worth $227)

Copy Blocks - Ready-to-use sales letter structures

(worth $97)

Membership Sales Page Case Study (worth $597)

45-Minute Sales Page Review Call (worth $297)

Special Pre-launch Price

$647 $307

$707 $327

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Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass



Masterclass videos

Masterclass slides (PDF)

Exclusive Bonuses

Triple-Filter-Copy System Video Guide (worth $227)

Copy Blocks - Ready-to-use sales letter structures

(worth $97)

Membership Sales Page Case Study (worth $597)

45-Minute Sales Page Review Call (worth $297)

Special Pre-launch Price

$647 $307

$707 $327


Pay safely with any of these options

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Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass



Masterclass videos

Masterclass slides (PDF)

Exclusive Bonuses

Triple-Filter-Copy System Video Guide(worth $227)

Copy Blocks - Ready-to-use sales letter structures (worth $97)

Membership Sales Page Case Study (worth $597)

45-Minute Sales Page Review Call (worth $297)

Special Pre-launch Price

$647 $307

$707 $327


Pay safely with any of these options

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Thanks again,

Karthik Vijayakumar

PS: This masterclass isn’t something I ‘cooked up’ one morning. In this, I share a process that I’ve personally used. It’s based on everything I learned from the best of best—Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins, John Carlton, to name a few—yes, the OGs. 

This masterclass isn’t a copywriting course, but one where I teach you exactly how to write a solid sales page for your next product launch. Put everything you learn in this masterclass to good use, and you’ll get back your investment (and a ton more!) from the sales you generate.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve sold a product before or not—this masterclass is designed to get you results. From one entrepreneur to another—get this masterclass now. You’ll not regret it. See you inside.

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