In this episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast I sit down with one of India’s top comedians, Atul Khatri to talk about the serious business of Stand Up Comedy, his learnings from transitioning from being a businessman to a stand-up comedian, and the backstories that make him unique (including his training approach for a million dollars!).

Who is Atul Khatri?

Atul Khatri is an Indian businessman who got up late in life and decided to do English Stand-up comedy so that he could tick it off his bucket list. He is an Indian Computer Engineer and a British Management Scholar who always orders soup one-by-two even when he is eating alone. CNN-IBN rated him as one of the top 20 Comedians in India to watch out for. He also won the ‘CEOS GOT TALENT’ trophy competing against 11 other CEOs in 2014.

stand up comedy atul khatri

Why Should You Listen to Atul Khatri?

There are plenty of reasons why you should listen to Atul Khatri. Let me give the top 3:

  1. He transitioned his career from being a CEO of his IT business to become a Stand Up Comedian in his mid-40s.
  2. Atul Khatri shares a ton of lessons that will directly help you in your career and life – no matter what profession you are in.
  3. I actually tempt Atul to outline his training approach if he were to teach me to become a stand-up comedian.

What Does He Talk about in this Interview?

  1. Why did you quit being a CEO?
  2. How do you describe yourself today?
  3. What did you do between the Facebook post and the first open mic?
  4. What was the joke you did on your first open mic?
  5. What’s about the age?
  6. What did you learn/unlearn in transitioning from entrepreneur to solopreneur?
  7. His experience at CEOs Got Talent
  8. Where do you stand – orthodox or unorthodox?
  9. Who do you draw inspiration from?
  10. How much of a role has your family played?
  11. How much of a reverse influence you had while you were a CEO?
  12. Books that influenced you.
  13. How has your Public speaking improved with Standup comedy?
  14. Books that influenced you.
  15. Shrink and the Nut.
  16. What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen wannabe standup-comedians do?
  17. What’s been the worst mistake you’ve done thus far?
  18. How would you teach me to become a standup-comedian?

How Can You Listen?

Atul Khatri interview is available both in audio and video. But here’s a reason why you must listen to both:

  1. The audio takes a narrative style to walk through many of the key topics (from the previous section).
  2. The video is an unfiltered conversation (over 60 minutes)

Direct Link to Audio

Direct Link to Video

How to Get In Touch with Atul Khatri?

Instagram: @one_by_two

YouTube: Atul Khatri

Facebook: @hornysindhi


Recommended Read

Atul Khatri recommends reading this book if you are interested in venturing into Stand Up Comedy.

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