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I'm Karthik, the host of the DYT Podcast and the blog. If you desire to create valuable products or services or just experiences, start a product business or hire the best creative talent, you have arrived. Start with this page, and allow me to hand-hold you to the rest of the resources here.

​I believe that we are creative by birth, and what we create is limited by our thinking. My mission is simple: Teach and inspire you to think effectively and take action by sharing everything I know, and be available to help you whenever you need.

Thomas Edison

Thomas A. Edison


Five percent of the people think;

ten percent of the people think they think; 

and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.


#1 The 30-Day Product Mission

an essential ebook

The 30-Day Product Mission is an essential ebook for everyone who is working with a team to build a product. You could be in any job role - product manager, designer, developer, UX researcher, or just about anyone working with a bunch of people to build a product.

I wrote this ebook based on the years of experience I had working on products and learning from experts. I can assure you personally, of the impact this book will have on you and your outlook.

#2 Top 10 Guest Episodes

you must listen

If you are pressed on time, but still wanted to get the most of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, listen to these 10 episodes.

These 10 episodes have been listened to tens of thousands of times. There sure must be something about them, isn't it?

#3 The Tiny Book Of Triggers

think creative

The Tiny Book Of Triggers is a must-have resource for people involved in the product business including product managers, designers, early-stage CEOs and more.

This ebook contains a set of over 120+ 'triggers' across the 12 Product Mindset topics. These triggers will help you change the way you think of these topics and give you new ideas.

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