success factorsIn this episode that I call Success Factors, I speak with Vivek Bedi from LearnVest, Ellen Chisa from Lola Travel, Boris Krstovic from A Small World, Scott Sehlhorst from Tyner Blain, Nir Erlich from and Suzie Prince from ThoughtWorks Studios about what makes them successful.

What will you learn?

You will learn the Success Factors and mantra that drives each of these 6 product experts.

  • Don’t get married to your product
  • Willingness to do anything to make your product successful
  • Deep desire to build great things
  • Curiosity
  • People
  • Be different & acknowledge the differences

Links to episodes

  • Product Management and The Art of Building Relationships with People | Vivek Bedi (Episode 39)
  • Whiskey Evaporation and the Cost of Doing Business | Ellen Chisa (Episode 01)
  • Why Taking a Break Can Help You Make Better Products | Boris Krstovic (Episode 03)
  • Harnessing Curiosity to Understand Customer Needs | Scott Sehlhorst (Episode 40)
  • The Craft of Product Management | Nir Erich (Episode 04)
  • Saying NO to Stay Focused on the Product | Suzie Prince (Episode 31)

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