success lessonsIn this episode that I call Success Factors, I speak with David Fradin, a classically trained Product Manager & author, Janna Bastow who is the Co-founder of ProdPad, Lulu Cheng who is a product Manager at Pinterest, Jeff Lash who heads Product at SiriusDecisions and Tristan Kromer who is a Product Manager & Lean Expert.

What will you learn?

You will learn what makes these 5 successful product managers and makers leaders and experts in their fields. You’ll hear about the impact of the following in their success. What’s yours?

  1. Vision, Values & Authority
  2. Ability to mediate conflicts of priorities
  3. Acceptance of the fact that we don’t know everything
  4. Thoughtful curiosity, communication across teams
  5. Empathizing with internal teams and stakeholders
  6. Ignorance

Links to episodes – Successful Product Managers

  1. Values Driven Decision Making and Product Management the HP Way with David Fradin (click here to listen directly)
  2. The Rise of Product Success Manager and Customer Journey with  David Fradin (click here to listen directly)
  3. Why Balancing Product Features Across Personas Is Key with Janna Bastow (click here to listen directly)
  4. Magic of Writing, Developing a Point of View and Storytelling with Lulu Cheng (click here to listen directly)
  5. The Good Product Manager | Jeff Lash (click here to listen directly)
  6. Visual Communication, Active Listening and Learning Fast with Tristan Kromer (click here to listen directly)

Links to Guests’ Profiles

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