In this episode I speak with successful product managers and makers including Ash Maurya, author of Running Lean and the man behind Lean Canvas, Arvind Mishra, Head of Product at Dollar Shave Club, Daniel Zacarias, Product Management Consultant & Expert, Joe Cotellese, Head of Product at AWeber, Marc Abraham, Head of Core Product at World First and Matt LeMay, Co-Founder of Constellate Data.

What will you learn?

You will learn what makes these 6 successful product managers and makers leaders and experts in their fields.

  • Fall in Love with the Problem
  • Versatility
  • Be a good Translator
  • You are the Filter
  • You don’t wait for permission & learn continuously
  • Active Listening

Links to episodes – Successful Product Managers

  1. Lean Product Mindset and Running Lean with Ash Maurya (click here to listen directly)
  2. Why Product Managers are Like Baseball Players with Arvind Mishra (click here to listen directly)
  3. Product Opportunities for the Future with Daniel Zacarias (click here to listen directly)
  4. Focus On Customer Experience like Nike and Disney with Joe Cotellese (click here to listen directly)
  5. Curiosity and The Art of Product Management with Marc Abraham (click here to listen directly)
  6. Art of Active Listening and Product Management with Matt LeMay (click here to listen directly)

Links to Guests’ Profiles

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