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How to Transform Your Idea to Business? [Live Coaching with Robin Waite]

Robin Waite, the Founder of Fearless Business, talks about how you can go from identifying business ideas from your interests, and developing them to a viable business by identifying the unique value proposition


Jody Steinhauer: Building a Business Empire Centered Around Happiness!

In this episode, Jody Steinhauer, the Chief Bargains Officer at the Bargains Group, talks about why you should build a business centered around happiness.


How Continuous Learning Helped Me Succeed as an Entrepreneur?

In this episode Katie King talks about her journey from being a marketer to becoming an entrepreneur in her 40’s, and how continuous learning and starting with a small team helped her build a successful


How a Search for Master Craftsmanship Led Him to Disrupting Industries?

In this episode Jim Jacoby speaks about how his interest in user-centered design and master craftsmanship led him to building multiple businesses, quitting the business he started and commissioning the


Supercharged Food & How Eating Right Can Save Your Life – Lee Holmes

In this episode Lee Holmes, the founder of Supercharged Food, shares her story of overcoming an autoimmune disorder that led her to starting her company. She shares plenty of insights and tips to help


How My Podcast Got 200,000+ Downloads In the First Year?

Starting a podcast successfully, in many ways, is like starting a flash mob. You cannot start a flash mob if you don’t have a mob on the first place. Podcast downloads work in a similar way too. In this


7 Lessons I Learnt From These Two Over-pledged Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter has become the most sought-after platform today for a lot of entrepreneurs and creatives. The numbers just say that – 165,971 successfully funded projects, over $4.3 trillion pledged,


The Story of Travel Sax – World’s Smallest Electronic Saxophone!

In this episode I interview Ramon Mañas Corbinos, an entrepreneur who’s building the world’s smallest and lightest electronic saxophone at Odisei Music.