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John Lee Dumas: Change is Fundamental When Building a Business

John Lee Dumas talks about scaling down the frequency of the EOFire Podcast and the metrics he now uses to measure as he is building his business.


Starting a Creative Business Writing Books with Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn talks about her experience starting a creative business after working a full-time job for 13 years, how her business model has changed, and more.


Building a Socially Conscious Business with ADIFF | Angela Luna

Angela Luna is the founder and Creative Director of ADIFF, is building a socially conscious business, discovering newer business models to make an impact while making profit


How to Build Social Media Presence and Influence – Swish Goswami

Manu (Swish) Goswami is the cofounder and CEO of Trufan, talks about social media presence, entrepreneurship and dig deeper into how he grew his personal brand from being just another 8-year old kid in


19 Podcast Interview Questions to Use + 5 Steps to Come Up With Yours

Interview based podcasts are an extremely engaging kind of podcasts…so long as you don’t hit that awkward silence. Experienced this situation ever? One of the biggest reasons this happens is when you’ve


Growing a Popcorn Business in the United Kingdom with Popcorn Shed

In this episode I speak with Sam Feller, cofounder of Popcorn Shed, about the art of making popcorn and how they built a popcorn business from scratch in the UK.


Reinventing Hand Sanitizers and a 450% Over Pledged Kickstarter Project? – Andrea Lisbona

Andrea Lisbona, the CEO and founder of Touchland, talks about how she went from distributing hand sanitizers to manufacturing it and using tech to create disrupt the industry.


How to Come Up With Good Podcast Ideas in 2019?

As the iTunes marketplace swells over 550,000 podcasts and as Spotify takes serious interest in podcasting, a lot of people are working on making podcasts discoverable. On the other hand, aspiring podcasters