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How Woodturning Projects Got Him Inside Dragons Den?

woodturning projects dragons den with conor lynch

In conversation with Conor Lynch and how his passion for woodworking projects and how being inside Junior Dragons Den UK made him a better entrepreneur.


Rethinking Happiness at Work with Easy Healthy Snacks

rethinking Happiness with healthy snacks desk nibbles

Emil Aite and Cassy Aite have been working on rethinking happiness at work using healthy snacks. But why? Listen in, to this conversation about childhood, parenting, business, relationships, and of course how healthy snacks can lead to happiness at work!


Commercial Photography, Connecting with Influencers & Changing Lives with Josh Rossi

Josh Rossi talks about taking risks, building his career in commercial photography through connecting with influencers and changing lives with what he creates.


Underwater Photography & The Art of Diving With Sharks

underwater photography diving with sharks

Bhushan Bagadia talks about underwater photography and his stories diving with the sharks. He also shares his approach to teaching underwater photography in 4 weeks.


Look Beyond User Experience – Earth Experience – Nayantara Jain

Nayantara Jain is a SCUBA diver, Marine Biologist and a Marine Conservationist who throws some light on the impact of plastics on marine life, how we measure economy and how designers can design better products by focus on earth experience instead of just user experience. Who is Nayantara Jain? Nayantara Jain is the Executive Director of […]


Break the Narrative – How to Stand-out in an Age of Fake News? – Ram Devineni

In this episode I speak with Ram Devineni, an award-winning documentary filmmaker about gender equality, gender violence, Priya’s Shakti comic, storytelling, and creating art that rise above fake news and social media chatter. Who is Ram Devineni? Ram Devineni is a documentary filmmaker who has created  a handful of renowned works of art. He produced The […]


Stand Up Comedy, Serious Business & a Stingy Aunt? – Atul Khatri Interview

In this episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast I sit down with one of India’s top comedians, Atul Khatri to talk about the serious business of Stand Up Comedy, his learnings from transitioning from being a businessman to a stand up comedian, and the back stories that make him unique (including his training approach […]


Dying Art of Juttis & How Three Women Are Saving It – Pastels and Pop

In this episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast I speak with Akanksha Chhabra and Neha from Pastels and Pop about the dying art of Juttis, why and how they are focused on saving this ancient 400-year old handicraft. Who are Akanksha Chhabra and Neha? Akanksha, Neha and Aarti are three sisters who founded an […]