take controlIn this Friday Fifteen episode, I teach a simple workflow and framework that will help busy product makers take control of your life and work.

How many times have you felt that there is too much of work to be done, but so less time? How many times have you missed appointments and deadlines, forgotten to-dos, missed wishing someone close on their birthday, or even worse, got reminded of your birthday when someone at work wished you? Well, the reason for most of these issues is the fact that we have too many things on our mind all the time.

What will you Learn? Take control of Life and Work (and more):

As product makers, we are constantly bombarded with requests at work.
  1. Can you review this feature?
  2. Remember that customer we visited last month? They have bumped into a major issue with our software and want to speak to you.
  3. Are you available for a customer briefing next Wednesday?
  4. There is a quarterly review meeting with the CEO this afternoon and I need you to prepare for it and be available by 3pm
The list goes on. So how can you get yourself uncluttered ASAP? Here is what you need to do. No matter what the request is, there are five stages of processing these requests:
  1. Collect everything that needs your attention
  2. Process each of these items and decide what to do about each of them
  3. Organize the results
  4. Review as options
  5. Do the task

The above is a simple 5-step process that you can implement to empty your mind and stay fully in control of your life and work. We’ll discuss this in detail in less than 15 minutes.

Useful Links

Trello – here is a link to the tool

The book Getting Things Done by David Allen

Here is a link to the downloadable worksheet

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