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Clients and Customers

Jake Lang
"I could see my sales page transform in front of my eyes! In fact, he taught me the entire process - it is amazing!"

Karthik, thanks for everything that you've done for me. Your entire copywriting process is AMAZING. I've been working with Karthik for about four weeks now. Going through meetup once a week and we talk through a membership and watching Karthik actually helped me go step by step taught me the entire process to effective copywriting and how to create an effective sales page.

He actually did it for me he created the entire sales page with its own copy and did it professionally but along the way was most importantly taught me how to do it. So now I can go in and create an effective sales page myself and I can take his template that he created, and I can go in and I can change things I can tweak things I can change the hook to see if that improves conversion. I can change the call to action, I can change the offer.

I can actually take his template and from what I learned from Karthik is that going and just tweak that sales page, recreate it for now. Any product that I want to alter any one of my businesses, I can take that and use that same sales page there and just change the offering. So throughout this process, I really went through not knowing what I was doing with sales page, I would just kind of create sales pages. I didn't really know what I was doing. I just presented my offer here, hoping people buy it.

Now I learned the entire process to go from the hook to a story to a pain point, really hammer on the pain points, present your offer present how my offer solves the pain points, and then present that offer and get people to buy my case join that membership. And it's already working! All thanks to Karthik! Thank you!

This process has been amazing. Your coaching, your consulting, your teaching. I couldn't have done it without you and I can't thank you enough so highly, highly recommend working with Karthik and his approach to writing sales pages.

Jake Lang

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of theentrepreneurridealong.com

I've been in the midst of finals/end of year projects so I am just now getting to reading through all your lessons inside Free Your Voice Pro and have LOVED them! I am so excited for the process and the final result :) Thank you so much for all your help with the course and I am soo excited!

Shae Caragher Santa Barbara, California

I used the Free Your Voice course to set up what I have so far and it was so helpful! I signed up for the Free Your Voice Pro Podcasting program because I wanted to support you in what you're doing now, and I'm sure it will be valuable :-)

Shian Knuth  United States

I really appreciate you for creating and offering the Ultimate Podcast Launch Tool! It is overwhelmingly good and has put me in the right direction to hit all my targets as far as starting my podcast goes. Thank you!

Inah Afen Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dan Bennett The Antipreneur-close
"If you care about your clients, you should care about your sales page. What Karthik offers is not just a blueprint or a checklist--he shows how things work and how it will work for your business!"

The first thing I want to say is that as an entrepreneur, you're always worried about how you're communicating. And kind of the scary thing about a sales page is you're not there to communicate in person. So you really want to be thinking about what it is that you're saying and how it's affecting the viewer, the visitor, if you will.

Going through the Sales Page Kickstarter checklist inside the Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass was fantastic. Because most the time people can point out problems, they can say what's wrong, but there's not a solution that follows or you could get a blueprint from the internet for free. And then you look at a checklist and go how in the world do I even implement this!

Being able to go through my page with Karthik point by point--it wasn't just a blueprint or a checklist--it was how things work, and then how the elements of my business could fit into a flow. That just creates better results for me. And I like that a lot because I've had my sales pages and things I've built looked at many times by many people who are like, "yeah, this should be better", but they never told me how to make it better.

And I feel like now after going through this checklist of my sales page with Karthik that I have clarity, and I'm actually super eager to fix some of the problems that are there and to make the page that much better. because in real life, I care about my clients and I know how I can help them. And now in this digital version, I know that I can mirror how I operate in real life and offer a solution that changes lives to my clients, right here on a sales page.

So definitely would recommend going through this process and really looking inward at yourself and and your offer at yourself and and your offer. Because if you care about your clients, you should care about your sales page.

Dan Bennett

Founder, 1MinuteMedia

Trudy Rankin Segmentation Quizzes
"Karthik's Sales Page review process blew my mind!"

I was in a situation where I had just finished running a really big program for the Australian Federal Government, where I was teaching people how to start an online business. And when that program finished, I was moving into a situation where I was actually setting up the program to run without the government funding and I needed to change the way I talk about the product, my services and things and I put together a sales page and I sat there waiting for all of the conversions to roll through and they weren't coming through.

I was getting more and more and more frustrated and confused because the marketing that we did when we were running the program for the government worked really, really well it worked super well. What I didn't realize is that with the change to a different audience, and a different way of providing the service, we needed to change our copy and how we were presenting it. And so I had got to the stage where I was just ripping out my hair because I didn't know what to do. We were getting a few clicks through the conversions were invisible, and something had to happen, but I just didn't know what I was just lost trying to figure out what to do. And that's when I took Karthik's help.

I went through this process with Karthik and it was just starting to blow my mind because even though there's a number of things that we talked about, there was sort of four areas that really jumped out at me and I'm going any one of those four things is actually what's stopping things. So now I know that if I go back and fix things, I will be able to sort out my sales page. I can tell now, people are coming to the page, they're leaving confused, and they're not clicking and they're not buying.

So now, the really, really valuable thing about this is that I can take these things that I found out through going through this sales copy review with Karthik. Now I can go through and set up a checklist for myself and I can go yep, fix that. And I'll be able to do that and I will be doing that over the next little while. What a difference it's made so thank you, Karthik, so much I just appreciate it so much.

Trudy Rankin

Founder, Online Business Lift-off

daniel allison
"Karthik's clarity of communication and attention to detail is very very good! One call with him will leave you feeling confident with clarity."

I'm an author and oral storyteller, and I run an online membership for oral storytellers. I've been running the membership for about a year, and I came to Karthik, a bit confused, a bit lost because my memberships changed over the course of the year.

Though I knew is for people who love to oral storytelling, I'd struggled to narrow that down and to narrow down exactly what it was that I was offering people besides that community. I needed to be a bit more specific and I needed to get my message across in the right language because I knew that though I had a good little community I knew that I could reach many, many more people and that wasn't quite happening.

So Karthik was very, very clear in his communication. He had taken a really good look at my sales page and identified exactly what the issues were and identified very clearly what you felt I needed to do. I was very happy to address all my concerns and to help me to understand the things that I wasn't wasn't clear on. And having finished the call feeling like I can see the overall shape of my sales page, I can see what it's going to grow into.

All that really remains is for me to just sit down and do the work and flesh it out, and I think then I'm going to be able to make my message clearer, and grow my community. Thank you, Karthik.

Daniel Allison

Founder, The Roundhouse Storytelling School

Tina Baker

I had no clue where to begin launching my podcast. Figuring out where to start, which mic to use and how to get the best sound. I felt defeated and procrastinated a lot in launching the podcast. With all the difficulties I was facing I was no longer motivated. To launch my podcast by mid-December. And I want it to be professional and high quality.

But that's when I discovered Karthik, and it just took one video call. I am using every bit of his advice as I lay a proper foundation for my podcast. I also found a mic! The best mic for my podcast. I’m more confident in pushing forward with recording my podcast.

Tina Baker

Criminal Justice Reform Advocate & Speaker

I am on the Free Your Voice Pro Podcasting course. And LOVING IT !! Must appreciate in making it very comprehensive and honest. It definitely gets me fired up to start with the dream of starting a podcast.

Kishor Fogla Founder, Yellow Slice Design (India)

lori miller
"Even Karthik's freebies are priceless!"

My daughter and I own, our online premium organic loose leaf tea business called my loyalty company. And we're at my loyalty company for an Instagram, and Facebook. We're very active in our community.

I'm actually a lifelong learner, and I know the value of putting a little skin in the game and actually learning but also learning from someone that knows what they're talking about. So that's why I signed up with you, and listening to your podcasts and you took me up the value ladder have gotten your Amazon your email list.

I started out with some freebies with you and none of them disappointed. You're really good at what you do and you bring a lot of value and that's what I was looking for. I was looking for somebody to help me and I know that I'm certain that you're that person so I'm thrilled to connect here with you and I thank you very much.

I’m honored to be your student inside the Free Your Voice Pro program. Thanks.

Lori Miller

Co-Owner My Loyal Tea Company

chris nella
"Karthik established the much-needed clarity and even business strategy. He lit a fire!!!"

I come from a music background and all my experience for the last 20+ years has been with creating music. I have set goals to reach a low to mid-amount of active and vocal subscribers to my podcast, and supplement my income with several offers. Without much experience with any of this, my scope was limited and stifled. In fact I even thought to myself "I am a singer/songwriter/ producer how can I succeed TALKING?!?!?"

That's when I came across Karthik's post on the Design Your Thinking page and it spoke to me. I immediately decided to consult with him. In just one interaction Karthik established the much-needed clarity and even business strategy. He lit a fire!!!

I was given an actual clear plan, not the usual vagueness you will find in any guide you would find online. Karthik put ALL of my abilities in the clear to how they can be utilized in my new venture. And with the info that I now have learned, I will be making a new business model. I feel like I've suddenly woken up with a plan to creating content “product minded”.

Chris Nella

Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Podcast Guests

rupa ganatra popat

Karthik is a brilliant interviewer with great questions. I enjoyed every minute of the conversation and it was just brilliant. It felt more like a conversation with an old friend. I'd absolutely would recommend the show to everyone and have started to do so!

Rupa Ganatra Popat

Founder of FUTR Group, Advisor, Investor

mike michalowicz

The show's really well done. Karthik asked some brilliant questions. I really enjoyed the way he dived deep into concepts and entrepreneurial theory!

Mike Michalowicz

Author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan & a Serial Entrepreneur

Jody Steinhauer

Karthik is a great interviewer that really took the time to go deep and find out the WHY and every more for his listeners.

He was not just all business, but understood that being successful wasn't just a $$$$$ amount. He really wanted to find the gold for his community to help and assist them through this interview.

Love the interview series for the way he extracts insight and learnings about so many interesting people!

Jody Steinhauer

President and Chief Bargain Officer, Bargains Group

Jim Jacoby

Karthik's questions were thoughtful, well-researched, and drove to a singular, important point. He's clearly capable of going deep with big thinkers. His conversations flow naturally, he remains light even when topics are heavy.

I particularly enjoyed Karthik's ability to connect key moments in one's life story, making them relatable to someone new to the conversation.

Jim Jacoby

Co-founder, ADMCi

robin singh e-junkie

Thanks a ton for helping me narrate my story! Talking to you also helped me define the structure and focus for a TEDx talk.

Robin Singh

Co-founder E-Junkie & Peepal Farm

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