John Sanei, Futurist and Speaker

Ram Devineni on The Design Your Thinking Podcast

Ram Devineni, Filmmaker

Michael DiTullo on The Design Your Thinking Podcast

Michael DiTullo, Design Entrepreneur


top 10 Episodes Season 1

Season 1 of The Design Your Thinking Podcast focused on the mindset of creators. I called it the Product Mindset. In Season 1, I interviewed creators who artists, filmmakers, journalists, traveling with circuses, software engineers, entrepreneurs and many more. These people are today creating experiences and products, building companies, and much more.

I was curious to know what was common amongst these people? Why were they doing what they are doing, and what can we learn from these creators?

It was not the skills that I was interested in, but their mindsets. I summarized the learnings from Season 1 as the Product Mindset. Do listen to the top 10 episodes below to catch a glimpse of these conversations.

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