1000 People. 1 Million Lives.

I'm on a quest to share stories of 1000 creators, entrepreneurs and non-conformists around the world that can change a million lives.

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About The Million Project

The world today is highly distracted. The pursuit of careers, money and other goals have led to an increase in health and societal complications. There has been a sharp increase in the number of cases of depression and related mental health issues.

In the chase for money and careers, people have started to lose focus on themselves and their interests. It's a well-known thing that making time to follow your interests, hobbies and passion has a therapeutic effect on our body. Doing what you are interested in, can also help you recover from a case of mental or physical illness.


After my personal experience, I decided to make it my mission to spread awareness and inspire people around the world to follow your heart, take time for yourselves, practice those hobbies you once enjoyed doing as a kid or perhaps learn a new one.

The Million Project is inspired by this simple idea that following your heart by exploring your interests, connecting with people and learning can, not just keep you in good health, but also help you live a more fulfilled life. You can find the details in the Design Your Thinking manifesto.

In The Million Project, I live this simple idea by connecting with a thousand creators, entrepreneurs and non-conformists from around the world, dig deeper into their stories to inspire a million people to follow their interests, and live fulfilled lives.


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Podcast Stay Tuned!

The Season 2 of The Design Your Thinking Podcast is where I speak with creators, entrepreneurs and non-conformists around the globe, to relive their stories and learn.

The Million Project

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