customer feedbackIn this Topical Zoom episode, I speak with Hannah Chaplin, CEO & Co-founder of Receptive, a Product Demand Intelligence for SaaS companies, about transparency and customer feedback.

Customer feedback is a very important aspect of any product (or service). That said, the lack of action (or inaction) on customer feedback is one of the most common challenges Product Managers face. It also seems that the level of transparency matters – especially how you communicate with them. In this episode I speak to Hannah on the following areas:

  1. Better alternative to Customer Advisory Boards.
  2. Transparency when dealing with customers.
  3. Mistakes product managers and companies do when dealing with customers and feedback.
  4. Success and how Hannah looks at it.

So, If you’ve had experience handling customer feedback, do chip-in with a comment about your experience. If you haven’t, I urge you to listen in.

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Who is Hannah Chaplin?

Hannah is CEO & Co-founder at Receptive; Product Demand Intelligence for SaaS companies. She helps software organizations from all around the world harness feedback from their customers, teams and markets to enable data-informed product decisions. As an international speaker, she has taught countless product managers and business owners about the benefits of Product Demand Intelligence.

What you will learn – Customer Feedback and more!

Continued from Episode 116.

  1. To start with, can you talk about how you go about involving customers in the process of feedback? Do you take any steps in establishing transparency through this process?
  2. Also, what are some of the biggest mistakes you see product managers and teams make when it comes to making products and getting feedback?
  3. How do you look at success for yourself? How do you measure success for your business?
  4. Finally, what does your typical day look like? Do you have a “miracle morning” routine?

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