Travel is All About Money & How Efficient You Are With It – Deepak Kamath

Deepak Kamath went around the world on a motorcycle, rode the Road of Bones, and most recently landed his motorcycle 6 times on Antarctica and became the first person in the world to have done over 10 kilometers on a motorcycle in Antarctica. He did all of this by getting big brands to sponsor his dreams. In this episode, he talks about travel and money, and how he’s managed to be efficient with money.

Travel is All About Money - Deepak Kamath

Who is Deepak Kamath?

Deepak Kamath is an Overland Adventurer for over 3 decades, a motivational/inspirational speaker having shared experiences on platforms like colleges, motorcycling clubs across India. He is the first person to have circumnavigated the globe across 6 continents in 47 days and has his name in the Limca Book of World Records. He most recently landed his motorcycle 6 times on Antarctica and became the first person in the world to have done over 10 kilometers on a motorcycle in Antarctica.

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Why Should You Listen to Deepak Kamath?

There are plenty of reasons why you should listen to Deepak Kamath. Let me give the top 3:

  1. He has broken world records but also has pursued his dreams while working a full-time career, being a husband and a father.
  2. Deepak is crushing it in an age when everyone thinks of everything from saving money.
  3. Deepak has traveled the world on an Indian passport (and he’s really good at building relationships with people around the world).
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What You’ll Learn from this Interview?

Deepak talks about a lot of things in this interview. Here are specific things you’ll learn:

  1. How Deepak managed expired visas when he was midway through his circumnavigation expedition.
  2. How you can get unstuck when traveling, by using your country’s Embassies around the world.
  3. Deepak talks about the lowest points in his life when he struggled with money.
  4. Why Deepak never would compromise with his lifestyle and how he’s always done that.
  5. A word of wisdom about breeding dogs and buying pets.
  6. Why you should work while you follow your passion? Deepak has some advice.
  7. How Deepak ensured he landed his motorcycle in Antarctica, when it was never in the plan.
  8. Deepak’s advice to his daughter (and every parent should listen to this!)

and so much more!

How Can You Listen?

Deepak’s interview is available in audio.

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How to Get In Touch with Deepak Kamath?

Instagram: @deekam.99

Twitter: @deekam99


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Special thanks to Deepak Kamath for taking the time to join me this week!

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