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Welcome to The USP Podcast, where we explore the art and science of crafting a Unique Selling Proposition. Join us as we dive deep into conversations with a diverse range of guests, from visionary early-stage startup founders to seasoned entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience. Dive into their stories, strategies, and insights, and gain the knowledge you need to craft a compelling USP, whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your business's edge in the market.

The USP Podcast


What's The USP Podcast All About?

The litmus test for any business is sales. No matter how well-funded a startup is or how good the product is, if they can’t generate enough sales, nothing else matters. People have written books and published podcasts about selling, including buyer behavior, customer psychology, the art of selling, and persuasion.

Frankly, there’s a lot that’s been uncovered in those areas. But on this podcast, we dial down to the fundamental question: what is the USP? And we talk to the people who have answers–founders of startups and one-person businesses. At least, that’s where we begin.

Join us in these discussions as we ask founders the simple question, “What’s your startup’s USP?” and dig deep to discover how they got there. Along the way, we talk about uniqueness, positioning, messaging, and value proposition, which often shows up when discussing USP.

The Host

Karthik aka Kartvee

Hi, my name is Karthik. I'm a technologist turned copywriter. For the first fifteen years, I wrote code and worked on product strategy until I switched sides. Today, I write copy and focus on marketing strategy.

Seven years ago, I started my first podcast, The Product Mindset. And in eleven short months, it did over a quarter million downloads. Podcasting has ever since been my favorite way to build relationships, create content, and grow businesses.

I'm excited about The USP. It's a conversation I can't have enough of. And I know you would like to discuss it too. Join me on the podcast as a listener or as a guest. Let's see how real businesses find and craft their USPs, nail their positioning, and craft their messaging.

See you around!

Karthik Vijayakumar


Be a Guest

We aspire to be one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS podcasts. And we are looking for a healthy mix of guests!
Founders of venture-backed startups, bootstrapped founders, early-stage investors, founder-turned-investors, female founders, tech founders, from across industries and around the world.
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Who else's on the show?

That's a secret. But here's a peek into a few handpicked guest profiles from the dossier!
Ivo Verhaegh

Ivo Verhaegh

Co-founder & CEO,

uwe dreissigacker

Uwe Dreissigacker

Bootstrapped Founder & CEO,

raj sheth

Raj Sheth

Founding Partner, Inuka Capital, 4x Founder with 2x Exits

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Who Is This Podcast For?

The USP Podcast is for you if you are: a B2B SaaS founder, interested in creating or articulating value of your product or business, a communications professional, or working in the SaaS industry.

Is this podcast specific to a country?

The USP Podcast is not specific to any country. We interview founders from all parts of the world. We interviewed founders from Singapore to San Francisco and Southern Australia to Ireland. It doesn't matter where you are located, the principles of creating value, positioning, and messaging are universal.

Do you have a community?

Yes. Sign up for our newsletter and get access to our community and forum where you can discuss and interact with other founders and listeners of this podcast.

Does this podcast apply to B2C startups too?

The USP Podcast is focused on B2B SaaS businesses. But if you are a B2C SaaS founder or work on a B2C SaaS product, you will find this podcast useful. Here's why: the principles are the same. The only flip side is that you may not find enough B2C SaaS examples or case studies on this show.

I have a side project. Is this for me?

Yes. No matter what your side project is, you will find this podcast useful. That's because, we try and keep these conversations well within the confines of the three core topics – value proposition, positioning/USP, and messaging. Go ahead and give a listen, and if you like, subscribe to our newsletter to go deeper.

I work for a big tech company. Is this for me?

If you work in a bigger tech or SaaS company, this podcast will give you insights to help you appreciate your work or the products you work with more. If you’re a developer, ask yourself how the feature you are developing will help your customers. If you are a recruiter, ask yourself how to use your company or your products’ USP in hiring better candidates. If you work as an account manager, see how to bring up your company or products’ USP to open doors to more engagements.

How long are the episodes? I don't have much time.

Each episode is roughly 45 minutes long. If you don’t have much time, we have transcripts available too. You can find them in the show notes. But if you’re more busy, subscribe to our newsletter. Inside our newsletter, you’ll find us breaking down some of these conversations. Also, you’ll find access to our private community and forum where you can have deeper discussions with other listeners, participate in AMAs with guests, and a lot more.

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