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In this episode, Reece Chowdhry, a venture capitalist and the founder of RLC Ventures shares his journey through venture investing and how he is actively redefining Venture Capital with a Profit with Purpose philosophy he borrowed from his father. He talks about trends, the importance of personal branding and more.

venture capitalist reece chowdhry

Who is Reece Chowdhry?

Reece Chowdhry is the Founder and CEO of RLC Ventures, and has over 10 years of operating and start-up investing experience.

He is the winner of 2018 & 2019 Top UK Asian Tech Investor by KPMG, he has invested in 32 start-ups and sits on the board of six portfolio companies, with a focus on diversity. Currently, 80% of founders in the RLC Ventures portfolio are from diverse backgrounds.

Passionate about giving back, Reece has created the RLC Ventures Pledge where a percentage of RLC Ventures exit profits are donated to a social cause of the founder’s choice. He is a mentor to the Mayor of London Business Start-up Entrepreneurs Programme, London and Partners and London Sports Tech hub.

Reece sponsors and actively organises events for the LSE VC society and gives keynote speeches at universities such as LSE and Cass Business School to inspire next generation of diverse investors. His work has seen him become one of the youngest ever investors to be profiled in The Sunday Times as well as appearing on Channel 4 News. Prior to RLC Ventures, Reece was a management consultant at EY and charted as a management accountant.

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Why Should You Listen to Reece Chowdhry?

There are plenty of reasons why you should listen to Reece. Let me give the top 3:

  1. He is just 30 and is actively playing a role in redefining the venture capital industry with a Profit with Purpose philosophy.
  2. Reece moved from management consultant to a venture capitalist by investing in startups as a side-project.
  3. His view of the world, for sure, will make you rethink what you do.
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What You’ll Learn from this Interview?

Reece talks about a lot of things in this interview. Here are specific things you’ll learn:

  1. Reece shares his journey from management consulting to becoming a full-time venture capitalist.
  2. He talks about the size of investments he made while investing in ideas and startups on the side while working a day-job.
  3. He explains the idea he borrowed from his father Jeff Chowdhry – Profit with Purpose.
  4. Reece shares the top trend he is excited about.
  5. He talks about the advice he received from experts while he decided to get on this journey and make a transition to being a venture capitalist.

and so much more!

How Can You Listen?

Reece’s interview is available in audio.

Direct Link to Audio

[smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/kartvee/S2E46.mp3″ artist=”Karthik Vijayakumar, Reece Chowdhry” background=”blurred_logo” hashtag=”#entrepreneur #business” ]

How to Get In Touch with Reece Chowdhry?

Website: rlc.ventures

LinkedIn: @reecec

Twitter: @reecechowdhry

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