In this Focus Forty episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, I talk to Tristan Kromer who is a lean startup coach about Visual Communication, Active Listening and Learning Fast.

Who is Tristan Kromer?

Tristan Kromer works with innovation teams and leaders to create amazing products and build startup ecosystems. He has worked with companies from early stage startups with zero revenue to enterprise companies with >$1B USD revenue. (Swisscom, Pitney Bowes, Fujitsu, LinkedIn)

He has worked with over 15 technology accelerator programs and ecosystem programs such as Innovation Norway, Vinnova (Sweden), Enterprise Ireland, NEST’up (Belgium), StartSmart (Estonia) and the Innovation Partnership Program (Vietnam-Finland). With his remaining hours, he volunteers his time with Lean Startup Circle and blogs at

What will you learn?

  1. Why is Tristan successful as a product manager?
  2. How Tristan manages staying productive?
  3. Tristan’s secrets in managing the balance between being productive and being creative
  4. What Tristan believes are the top 3 things a Product Manager should be good at
  5. Tristan’s view of how the discipline of Product Management would change in the next 5 years
  6. Tristan’s view on how the role of a Product Manager evolve in the years to come?

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